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We work with a variety of businesses and organizations throughout Kentucky, helping to ensure that their facilities are secure. Whether you’re a small convenience store or a large commercial facility, we can custom design a system to meet your security needs.
We will oversee all stages of your security and surveillance needs, from system design to installation, testing and training, we will work together to fulfill all your requests.

Our services include:
Security Alarm Systems
We use the latest in security systems that are both easy to use and reliable. Not all security needs are alike. That's why our systems are flexible, so they can be designed to meet all your needs. This can include exterior, perimeter and interior sensors and alarm systems that can be monitored 24 hours a day.
Emergency Alarms
Panic & Hold-up Buttons.
Fire Alarm Systems
Fires are a major threat to human life as well as property. In addition, fire alarm codes are changed every day. To meet these challenging needs, we have trained employees who understand how to design the best fire alarm system to meet both your needs as well as the building codes.
Central Station Services
In today's world, having an alarm system is just not enough. We offer all customers this added sense of security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If an alarm situation occurs, such as a burglary or fire, your system is designed to communicate a "signal" to the monitoring center, instantly informing the monitoring personnel of an emergency incident. The monitoring personnel then contacts the necessary response personnel.
Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance can be the most cost-effective form of prevention for businesses. It acts as a psychological as well as actual deterrent from burglary, shoplifting and employee theft. For those of you with multiple retail establishments, these can be monitored via the internet from a home or alternate business location. Silent Guard can bring quality cost effective video surveillance products to its customers.
Card Key and Biometric Access Control
When vital access to certain areas must be controlled and monitored, access control systems allow management and monitoring of all access and egress, allowing for auditable security and response to any security breaches. These systems can be simply comprised of proximity card readers or combinations of PIN, card swipe and fingerprint readers that have the widest range of success. Some of the options include swipe cards and/or keypads as well as more sophisticated readers such as proximity cards and state-of-the-art biometric readers for fingerprint and/or facial recognition.
Environment Monitoring and Industrial Process Control
Our systems don't just only perform burglar alarm and fire alarm protection. They also can monitor a broad range of environmental conditions for businesses, including: humidity, water level, excessive heat or cold, AC power failure, carbon monoxide, air pressure, to name a few. We can monitor just about any environmental area of concern.
Emergency Intercom Call Systems
We provide expert consulting and installation of elevator and other emergency intercom call systems, in locations such as parking structures, healthcare institutions, manufacturing facilities, heavy industrial facilities, banks and financial institutions, police and correctional organizations, airports and marine facilities.
Entertainment and Communications Wiring
We provide high-speed cabling for your network, automation and communication requirements.
Telephone Systems
Let Silent Guard create a phone system for you that custom fits your needs and budget. Our highly-trained technicians install and repair Panasonic Telephone equipment and services. We would be happy to recommend products and consult on any telephone project for your business.

Our Products