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Have you tested your system this month?
It's important to test your system monthly to make sure everything is working properly. Don't know how to test your system? Check out our FAQ page for instructions.

Remember to Choose Appropriate PINS
Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) are a huge part of our lives, we use them for almost everything from banking, to security systems, to network access. Because they are such a big part of our everyday lives and usually protect our personal information it’s important to choose a unique (yet easy to remember) PIN. Something that cannot be easily guessed such as a birthday or the last four digits of your phone number.

Do You Know Your Passcode?
All alarm clients and their key holders choose passcodes when we connect their security system to the monitoring station. We use passcodes as a means of identifying the person we are speaking with on the telephone. It’s possible that a burglar may know the names of the people they are robbing and could easily tell us that they are the owner. For this reason and for the security of our clients, we have clients provide us with passcodes when speaking to the monitoring station. A passcode can range from 4-10 letters or digits. We recommend that you choose something that you can easily remember. The following cannot be used as passcodes: help, fire, panic, police, ambulance, dispatch, emergency, 0000. Passcodes should not be something easily guessed such as pet names, maiden name, favorite sports teams as well as many others. If a word is chosen, you must know the correct spelling and it should be easy to say and to understand. It’s preferable that you not use the code that you punch into the panel as your passcode. If someone overhears a conversation with the monitoring station and you give your code they will have the code to disarm your system. If you are being robbed and you get a call from the monitoring station and are unable to tell us that you are being robbed, either do not give your passcode or give an incorrect passcode. Without the correct passcode we will dispatch the proper authorities.
If you don’t know your passcode, have a person authorized to access your account who knows their passcode call the monitoring station, provide their code and ask for yours. If for some reason none of your alarm users can recall their codes call our office and we will make special arrangements to get your codes to you.

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