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Vroom works with your central vacuum to deliver more cleaning power than any handheld vacuum on the market, easily installed in existing homes or new construction, and fits most standard kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It offers up to 24' of retractable hose, and is instantly accessible for frequent cleanups. Vroom automatically turns on or off when the hose handle is removed or replaced in the docking station, and the hose retracts when finished. It cleans floors, countertops, appliances, drawers, walls, rugs and more.

When you don't have a central vacuum system or cannot install one, Vroom Solo delivers standalone convenience with its own power unit and dust collection bag. Its 1 gallon collection bag is easily accessed and it fits most standard kitchen and bathroom cabinets. A 24' and 18' hose lengths are available. Its great for cleaning RV's or Houseboats!

Vroom Solo

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