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Once you have made the decision to put in a security system, it only makes sense to realize the full benefit of the system by having it monitored. You want someone looking after your property when you are absent. You want your loved ones to feel secure when they are in their home. You want to be able to dispatch fire, ambulance or police with the push of a button. Alarm monitoring is an affordable solution to meet all of these needs!
Our monitoring station provides the personal connection between you and your electronic security system. In an emergency, the station exists to help you. You are no longer isolated or alone. The professionally trained operators and computerized automation equipment enable monitoring station personnel to respond to emergency situations quickly and accurately. The operators and technicians can answer your inquiries promptly. You receive the personal service you need in a crisis at all times, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!
In addition to the added safety and peace of mind you’ll see our service virtually pays for itself. That’s right. Almost every insurance company provides a premium reduction–often as much as 20%–on insurance premiums for people who have their alarm systems monitored. When you activate your system with us, we’ll send an alarm monitoring certificate to your insurance company so you can begin receiving your discount. The exact discount you will receive is subject to your specific insurance policy, so please check with your insurer for more information.
If you would like an alarm monitoring certificate sent to your insurance agent, do not hesitate to call us or send a request via our website. Please include your name, the monitored address and the insurance agents name and city.

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