Introducing the Numera Libris 2

At Silent Guard, we strive every day to offer you the widest range of applicable devices to satisfy whatever need you may have. We are proud to announce the release of an all-in-one personal safety solution for successful aging: the Numera® Libris 2. This groundbreaking piece of equipment serves to provide the most advanced features for elderly wellness and personal safety. The Libris 2 allows the user to be aware of their loved ones at all times with routine check-ins and monitoring that can dramatically lessen the risk of unknown emergencies. 



The capabilities are unprecedented with the Libris 2. This device integrates with Numera EverThere® cloud-based platform to track and share important health and activity information with those engaged. 



The Libris 2 has leading edge fall detection through the presence of multiple sensors—once a fall is suspected, the device automatically calls a response team for help. It uses algorithms to sense falls based on real falls which equals higher accuracy and less false alarms.



The Libris 2 was built to have higher audio quality than other competitors. Like mentioned above, the it has automatic calls to provide fast, two-way communication to a notification center when a fall is detected. The sensors are designed to send this alert even when the user is unconscious or unable to personally call for help. 



Featuring full LTE compatibility, the Libris 2’s cellular range is supreme. With the use of this network, the EverThere® signal from the Libris 2, and on-board GPS services, the most precise location information is at hand to pinpoint exactly where the user is during a time of emergency.

This solution gives users a complete picture of overall health and wellness for those that are worried about more times than not. Let Silent Guard ease the concern through this innovative device. Contact us at 877.698.1854 for more information.